Friday, 2 December 2011

Teacup Candles..

Yay! I finished my first teacup candles yesterday & I think I may have fallen in love with them. It's been a lot of trial & error, but it's been interesting to say the least! I forgot to prime the wicks, my wax sunk & a ordered the wrong wax... but I got there in the end!

You can now find these in my Folksy shop for just £12! A perfect gift.

So here is the finished product...
You can find these in my shop!

I also started some more yesterday, but unfortunately run out of wax. They're these adorable pink french toile design teacups that I have scented with an interesting mix of rose & vanilla. Hopefully my wax will arrive soon & I can finish them off & make some more! 

WYWW Peony Frame

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  1. hello found you though FPTFY! I love tho idea! Following along :)