Saturday, 20 April 2013

Kusudama Flowers

Origami has always interested me. I started making origami animals as a child, but since then I guess I forgot all about it until recently. So I started googling! I was looking for something a bit more decorative than just the odd animal, when I came across Kusudama flowers! They're so pretty and actually fairly easy to make!

Here's my first attempt at the Cherry Blossom Flower using some paper from an old Mills & Boon book. I wasn't marjorly impressed with this one, so decided I'd give another flower a try...

These are the 6 petal Kusudama Flower.They are so easy to make and look ever so pretty, if I do say so myself! I decorated the centers with tiny buttons just to finish them off and there you have it!

Now I have to find something to do with these pretty flowers... Any ideas?!

Happy Sunday Lovelies...

Jade Sophia

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A new direction!

After focusing on finding my feet and getting my name out there Pussywillow & Purl has found itself a new name and a new direction!

Pussywillow Crafts, as it is now called, is my tiny little business, run from my home in Farnborough, Hampshire, creating and selling bespoke and handmade artwork. Along with the new name, I have a sparkly new logo, banner and an upcoming website, thanks to LoveCreative.

I seem to have reverted back to my education in art and stuck with what I'm best at, and that is mixed media canvases and prints. I adore using vintage buttons and you will often find these all throughout my work.I am also a massive fan of book art, which you will often find intertwined with my work.

So with this exciting new beginning, I am now updating the blog... Please bare with me whist all the changes are made & please feel free to contact me at if you need anything at all!


Jade Sophia

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Living Space

Day 6: How does your living space reflect your creative nature?  Share a picture if you can!

I love having a kinda of quirky room. It seems to be a mix between a dumping ground and an outlet for my creative side! Strangely I decided to paint my room a sort of dusky pink when we moved in 4yrs ago... I hate pink... but I had this image of a dusky pink room with brown accessories & I love it. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

My to do list of 2013:

To Do List:

  • Do a cross stitch
  • Get a new job
  • Make my 1st sales on Folksy or Etsy
  • Rekindle my love for origami
  • Read more
  • Go on a high ropes course
  • Keep some plants alive.
  • Commit to A Make a Month
  • Make bottlecap magnets
  • Make a cosmic t-shirt with bleach!
  • Update my blog more
  • Go to a craft show
  • Add more to this list!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Mushi Monster

If you already know me, you will know I'm like a 2nd Mother to my little sister Sienna... For those who don't know me... Sienna is my 6yr old Sister. She is a gorgeous little girl who is full of personality and quirkiness & I adore her right to my very core. I was there at her birth, I have changed her nappies, done her night feeds, soothed her fevers, watched her grow & become a very proud second Mum.

For about a year now Sienna, like most children, has become scared of the dark, but only around the house. Now, I've been through all the obvious ideas... a torch, encouragement, stories about the dark, a step so she could reach the light switches...nothing worked. Recently we have just ignored it hoping she will grow out of it, but last night I came up with an idea... It's probably already been done (I will google it in a min), but I'm hoping it will work. A monster of her own. A good monster, that scares any bad monsters away!

I told her this evening about my idea & she was very excited, especially when I told her how we were going to make this monster magic... (Secret I can't share!). Together we chose a sewing pattern, Picked out materials & put it together. She even had a go at threading a bobbin, which she loved!

This is Mushi:

Mushi still needs some more stuffing, stitching & the special magic ingredient, but fingers crossed, we may have found the answer!

Have a look at the original sewing pattern here... Revoluzzzionary Monster

Friday, 9 December 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Favorite Artist

Day 5: What artists do you seek out for inspiration?  Create a small something based on your source.

My most favorite artist has to be Fiona Rae. I adore her style, although her name's, sadly, is not widely recognized.

A little bit about her:
Fiona Rae is one of the YBA's (Young British Artists), born in 1963 in Hong Kong.
Her preferred medium is paint, with which she creates wonderful, quirky & very abstract canvases, as you can see above.
She has participated in the infamous Freeze exhibition and also been shortlisted for the Turner Prize.

A few of my favorite pieces:

Thursday, 8 December 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Doodles

Day 4: Do some doodling... share it and write about it!

Please excuse the awful quality... but this is my latest doodle. I've began drawing up tattoo I've wanted for a long time, ready for my 21st. Over the next week or so I will be adding some Victorian style scroll to it & possibly a very tiny spider. Watch this space.