Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Am I the only one that loses their creative flare when life get's stressful? The past 2 weeks have officially been a nightmare & not once have I picked up my knitting needles! To be fair I did make a tape measure brooch, but that seemed to use up all my inspiration.

Also, having no internet sucks. Almost as much as having no internet & no TV, as I'm sure I'll find out this weekend. Look's like I'll be knitting, candle making & working on my costume all weekend!  Although, on a lighter subject, I am welcoming the new month with open arms. I love December. It means family, fun & love & also it's the month of my birthday & Christmas... woohoo! And this year it's finally my 21st. The big one. My very own Mad Hatter's Tea Party... at a night club... with a silent disco! Couldn't get more random if I tried.

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