Sunday, 4 December 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Childhood


Day 1: When you were a child, how did you express your creativity?

I was a very artistic child. I loved painting & drawing pictures & would come home from school with hundreds. My Mum never knew what to do with them all! As I progressed in school, art quickly became my favorite subject. In secondary school, I wasn't exactly the best student! I hated conforming & blending in with everyone else. I had my hair dyed cool colours & never wore 'proper' uniform & rarely turned up to lessons. I did well at school, but just didn't like being there! The day's I was at school you'd generally find me in one of the creative classes. I loved Art, Textiles, Design & Technology & Food Tech. As long as I had a creative outlet, I was happy. 


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  1. Hi, Jade! I'm Julie Tiu from Craft Critique. Cool start to your 30-days-of-creativity! Can't wait to see more.