Sunday, 20 November 2011

Starting up a shop...

Figuring out how to sell my handmade bits has been the bane of my life for the last few weeks.

The main question is... Folksy... Etsy...or... NOTH?

I am currently using BigCartel since it is free to use, but I am not getting the flow of customers & exposure I need to get my very small business off of the ground.

NotOnTheHighstreet charges a membership fee, but doesn't charge listing fees. Although the website doesn't show any charges, which is off-putting. 

Folksy is a lot more forthcoming with their prices. They don't charge a joining fee, but It costs 20p (excluding VAT) to list an item on Folksy. You can list up to 5 items in one listing (e.g. quantity 5 of one type of thing). They also charge 5% commission (excluding VAT) on all sales.

Etsy charges around 13p for every item listed (e.g. 13p for each item, even the same stock). They charge 3.5% commission on all sales.

Folksy seems to be the best choice, but I'm wondering what you all use, how the service is, whether you find the fees acceptable?

Pleasseeee Help!!

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