Friday, 23 December 2011

Mushi Monster

If you already know me, you will know I'm like a 2nd Mother to my little sister Sienna... For those who don't know me... Sienna is my 6yr old Sister. She is a gorgeous little girl who is full of personality and quirkiness & I adore her right to my very core. I was there at her birth, I have changed her nappies, done her night feeds, soothed her fevers, watched her grow & become a very proud second Mum.

For about a year now Sienna, like most children, has become scared of the dark, but only around the house. Now, I've been through all the obvious ideas... a torch, encouragement, stories about the dark, a step so she could reach the light switches...nothing worked. Recently we have just ignored it hoping she will grow out of it, but last night I came up with an idea... It's probably already been done (I will google it in a min), but I'm hoping it will work. A monster of her own. A good monster, that scares any bad monsters away!

I told her this evening about my idea & she was very excited, especially when I told her how we were going to make this monster magic... (Secret I can't share!). Together we chose a sewing pattern, Picked out materials & put it together. She even had a go at threading a bobbin, which she loved!

This is Mushi:

Mushi still needs some more stuffing, stitching & the special magic ingredient, but fingers crossed, we may have found the answer!

Have a look at the original sewing pattern here... Revoluzzzionary Monster

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