Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Knitted Cakes...

18th October 2011

Well it's already midweek. The weeks go so quickly now, but I've been rather lazy with my knitting the past few days. My Lemon Drizzle Slice is coming along nicely just the sides to knit and make it up! So hoping it will be ready for FO Friday

Lemon drizzle cake WIP...

14th October 2011

Happy Friday people! Glad the weekends here even, even if I’m stuck working.
Been a busy bunny this week… Finished off my chocolate fudge cake, made & finished my carrot cake, in just 2 days & also started on a lemon drizzle cake! Plus I got my first 2 orders in!
So here’s my week in knitting:
Noodle, my naked rat enjoying some treats. Although they had to be taken away from him rather quickly since he tried to smuggle them into his cage!
Finished carrot cake :D #knittedcakes #knitting
Patterns: 20 to make: Knitted Cakes
Needles: 3.25 straight

9th October 2011

It's taken me quite a while to get the hang of knitting a pattern, but with a couple of repaired drop-stitches, here it is, my first successful pattern complete:



Now just to finish decorating it!

6th September 2011

So I have begun a new project...

After seeing some adorable knitted cupcakes in a haberdashery window, I had to go in and ask if they had a pattern! I'm not a great knitter... previously I'd only just managed to successfully knit a 10x10cm square! So this was going to be quite a challenge, but I had my mind set!The lady at the counter introduced me to a book.

I read the patterns inside and decided to take the challenge! I'd never followed a pattern before; It looked seriously complicated, but I left the store with a new book & a new hobby!

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